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Where to Buy Goats
: GoatTipping.com helps you buy and sell goats within a reasonable distance of your home. After all, it's easy to find goats listed on the internet - but what good does it do you to find the perfect herd - when it's 3000 miles away? The price to ship (hello, gas prices) can put a real crimp in your pocket book. Use the navigation along the left side of the page to locate animals in your vicinity, broken down by state. For example:

Q: I'm looking for goat breeders near me in Texas.
Find Texas goat breeders here: Goat Breeders by State > Texas, there in the left column of any page.

Q: I'm searching for a specific breed of goat, Boer (or "Boar"), in particular - near me in Ohio.
Find Ohio goat breeders of all breeds (Boer, Spanish, Nigerian, Togenburg, etc.) in your area in the same manner, Goat Breeders by State > Ohio.

Q: Where would I find one of the more exotic breeds of goat, pygmy goat breeders, for instance?
Fainting goats, dwarf goats and pygmy goats... will be found listed alongside the other, more mainstream breeds.

Simple, right? All major links (as listed above) are listed in the left sidebar.

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What's your return on a print ad? Or (eesh) direct marketing? Worse, if you don't keep spending that money, you won't be on your customer's mind when they need you. What to do?

Place your business listing on our site, GoatTipping.com for free. The next time somebody asks a search engine for "pygmy goat breeders" - guess who pops up? You do. They're better customers, too - 'cause they're looking for you instead of the other way around. Spend nothing, make money - now that's a great ROI!

Goat Breeders, Farmers, and Producers:

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Drive to the feed store these days - and you'll spend more on gas than supplies for your growing herd. Or, shop online at eBay - and what do you find? Seventy-trillion things. Who knows where to start? Relax, we've done the work for you.

From goat milking equipment to show equipment, our online goat store puts everything at your finger tips: We've taken eBay's HUGE selection of "everything goat" and put it into one big "goat store." Tip: You'll find a search box at the top of each page. Use the search boxes to find what you want fast!

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